Thursday, January 26, 2012

About Leaven...

A little leaven, leavens the whole lump..." but it is only God that can judge us. There are just too many self made, self called, self anointed, self leading preachers today running around preaching truth intertwined with some of their own doctrines... We ought not to judge, but if Christ is in us, His Love is extended to all, even those that crucify us. Now we are exhorted to "rightly divide/handle the word of Truth" and we are to be "sanctified by Truth which is the word of God" John17:17. Now if you knew there was a bit of radioactive material in some water; would you take a bath in it? Would you let your children take a bath in it? That is how we ought to perceive leaven, not only in the words that come out of the mouth but in the spirit; every word/doctrine/thought has spirit behind it. To perceive in the spirit is to see within, even without a man not even saying a word. Only the Spirit of Truth can purge leaven out, but leaven will eventually grow if left undisturbed, or worse spread and multiplied if indulged. Leaven is of the flesh and of the self; but the Truth is in Christ, and if we are just holy vessels of God and of the Spirit of Truth, it should only be His Living Word that flows out, the "springs of living water" -- "The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" -- In these days it is important for our spiritual senses to be exercised, Jesus warned us Mat.24:24 "even the elect would be lead astray if possible" but of course it is not possible for the elect to be lead astray. What we need is only a few anointed apostles, prophets, teachers... That God has called, prepared and anointed/chosen. So I pray that who He has called and prepared, our Heavenly Father will also anoint, that the "gospel of the kingdom is preached" not only in Word but in Power.

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