Monday, November 16, 2009

Fallen Angels

We are like fallen angels, perhaps not by choice but by casualty, from spiritual to physical, to death. Even our own universe is on a pathway to chaos. This is even mirrored in the course of nature... Evolution, is it the pathway to complexity? I say no, it is the pathway to simplicity and/or speciality. If there was a water creature and from it came another water creature, an earth creature, and a flying creature... Would it not be best to assume that the water creature was more complex since 3 creatures came from it. Or dog species, did not all dogs come from a couple, and now there are many species, as they were bread to have singular traits. There is now less complexity in there genes than the original 1 or 2 which had all the genes. So all things seem to point to a fall, and where did we fall from, and will our end be like that of a glass plate that falls to the ground?

Friday, November 13, 2009

What to think of our congress? A republic, but who do they represent?

Where there is anarchy, there is no law and no rule like in the wild west. "One for one and all for none." A republic is only a republic if it truly represents the people in the actions they take. The U.S. was established as a republic to represent the people, taxation with representation. It has now become a republic but of the bankers and elite's as they it is who the congress mostly represents. Although not all members of our congress are puppets. If our government truly represented the people and made laws for the benefit, liberty and safety of the people than there would be no problem, but they don't. Most of the government officials represent the special interest and the elite where all the money comes from. I was actually surprised to see the type of questioning I saw some of our representatives ask the federal reserve representatives. There is actually some hope that the U.S. will not fall under the clutches of the money changers. But we are more than half way there. We are like in a do or die situation.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Know: The MIAC Strategic report 09

By now, readers should be familiar with the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report dated 02/20/09 and titled, "MIAC Strategic Report: The Modern Militia Movement." In this dreadfully malicious and slanderous "law enforcement sensitive" secret police report, Governor Jeremiah (Jay) Nixon; John Britt, Director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety; James Keathley, Colonel, Missouri State Highway Patrol; and Van Godsey, Director of MIAC categorize certain citizens as being potential violence-prone "militia members." I would venture to guess that more than 75% of the entire population of the United States would fit the MIAC's broad definition of someone who would fall into the aforementioned category. Read on by clicking above link.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meaning of symbols in the one dollar bill

What are the symbols in the one dollar bill mean? Here's a good article on it...


The American dollar bill is probably the world's best known banknote, but how many people appreciate why the Great Seal of the United States of America is printed on it, or understand what these ancient symbols mean?
    "On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress passed a resolution authorizing a committee to devise a seal for the United States of America. This mission, designed to reflect the Founding Fathers' beliefs..."[1]
Pyramid & eye of U.S. Great Seal on dollar bill: 'Novus Ordo Seclorum'
   The symbols of the Great Seal, which are featured on the dollar bill, are clearly intended to embody the beliefs of those who founded the United States of America. The current design of the Great Seal was approved by Congress on 20 June 1782, and the seal was introduced to the dollar bill in 1935. The continued official use of Masonic symbols today indicates that these beliefs remain at the heart of the U.S. establishment.
   What were the beliefs of the founders of America? Numerous sources [apparently] outside Freemasonry report that the vast majority of the American founders and signatories of the U.S. Constitution were Freemasons. Anti-Mason material[2] routinely claims that almost all of America's founding fathers were members of a Masonic Order. Official sources within Freemasonry counter-claim that some but not all of America's founders were Freemasons, and point out that the Masonic status of many of the alleged Masonic founding fathers cannot be proven conclusively. The aforementioned school of thought is corroborated by well-documented reports from some authoritative Masonic sources; thus, Manly Palmer Hall, a thirty-third degree Mason, wrote: "Of the fifty-five members of the Constitutional Convention, all but five were Masons."[3]
   One side of the Great Seal shows an ancient Egyptian pyramid, beneath a triangle containing a glowing eye. The shining eye in the triangle is a certainly a famous and common Masonic symbol, although some Masonic sources prefer to deny this. The All Seeing Eye (e.g. 1e.g. 2e.g. 3e.g. 4,e.g. 5e.g. 6e.g. 7e.g. 8e.g. 9e.g. 10) is one of the most important and spiritual Masonic symbols, and the distinguished Freemason George Washington, first President of the United States of America, wore it emblazoned boldly on his Masonic apron. The front of the Great Seal displays anEagle, which is also an important symbol in Masonic traditions. The use of the blazing eye in the triangle motif, surrounded by rays of light, in the official seal of the Ordo Templi Orientis, confirms the occult significance of this symbol.
   The sacred number 13 is encoded in the Seal, in the the bundle of thirteen arrows, the thirteen stripes on the shield, and the thirteen stars of the constellation that can be joined to form the Star of David shining above the Eagle's head. The reverse, sometimes referred to as the spiritual side of the seal, contains the thirteen-step pyramid with the year 1776 in Roman numerals on the base, heralding the beginning of the new American era.
   Incidentally, every American state has its own official State Seal. For instance, the Great Seal of the State of Colorado bears the ubiquitous radiant eye inside the triangle, together with other relevant symbols.
   The motto inscribed beneath the pyramid in the Great Seal of America is "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which is Latin for "New Order of the Ages", and synonymous with the "New World Order". The momentous decision to print the Great Seal on the dollar bill was taken in the 1930s by the government minister Henry Agard Wallace (1888-1965), who later became Vice-President of the United States, second in command to President Roosevelt, from 1940 to 1944.
   Henry Wallace literally believed that America was chosen by God to lead the world in establishing the New World Order. In his biography of this prominent American politician, D. McDonald wrote that: "Just as Wallace thinks of America as the nation destined by God to lead the world, so Wallace thinks of himself as a Messiah, an instrument through whom God will guide America onward and upward."[4]Wallace was a prominent Freemason, and he made no attempt to conceal the extent of his true beliefs when in 1934 he wrote, almost with prophetic religious fervour, about the profound esoteric significance of the Great Seal:
    "It will take a more definite recognition of the Grand Architect of the Universe before
    the apex stone [capstone of the pyramid] is finally fitted into place and this nation in the
    full strength of its power is in position to assume leadership among the nations in
    inaugurating 'the New Order of the Ages'."[5]
   It is difficult to elucidate the full meaning of the symbols in the official Great Seal of the United States, because they are occult symbols which carry profound esoteric meaning from a truly ancient secret society which may be older and more far-reaching than the Masonic order. There are various interpretations in the public domain, but the truth is known only to initiated insiders. What is most important in the context of this article is that these are ancient religious symbols which hold special hidden significance, and their use by the American government reveals something about the secret beliefs of those in power.

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