Monday, July 9, 2012

The Reason why I left my previous church

We joined a church when we first moved to north carolina from florida in 2009. When we walked in we felt very much the love the people had there... I have never really had the spiritual urge to join a church, as the more and more I read the bible, the more and more I see that what mainstream pastors and teachers preach is not what the word of God declares, neither is it by the Holy Spirit, neither is it Truth, but doctrines of man. Love is one of the first fruit of the spirit but it is also one that can easily be faked and only by events and their reactions to them can you truly outwardly see one 's true heart as I would see later.

A few things happened in the church that made them exercise their bi-laws, and truly illustrate whether they follow God's laws or their own man made laws. I don't have any respect for church bi-laws which are really just a prerequisite for churches to be able to become 501c non-profit organizations under the federal government. But church leaders follow their bi-laws rather than do what is right under God's eyes. I saw a few times where they exercised their by-laws instead of seeking God's counsel. And what you get is carnal reactions to carnal sins. I exercised my spiritual feeling to the leaders and pastor a few times of their unbiblical/unspiritual ways. These where my first signs.

Back to the topic... A summer program the church promoted for the my boys began the eye opening event of coming out... They came home saying what they had learned... that "Jesus is God." One of the fundamental points of the trinity doctrine. Of course this is nothing more than a man made doctrine just like the "pre-tribulation rapture", the "prosperity gospel", and the "Holy Spirit is in us but no power, that passed away with the disciples" doctrines.

Pastors and teachers make it clear themselves, "it is their interpretation." We should not try to interpret what God can reveal? In any case, my older boy Eli, who is 8 and is more Spiritual than most 20 year old believers asked me: "Why do they say 'Jesus is God' when Jesus is the Son of God daddy, isn't God his Father?" The next lesson was "Jesus is the Creator"... And that very same week the pastor had started a study on John and began to preach the same thing, pounding in the heads of the congregation their trinity doctrine: God came in the flesh, Jesus is the creator, and Jesus is the eternal God. "Tradition tells us that blah bleeh blah..." That was the pastors favorite starter line...

That sunday I began to feel a war inside me, to receive the words he was preaching or to believe what is written in His Word. Of course I choose the latter, I believe what is clearly written in the Word. Because to believe the trinity doctrine is to completely add and subtract to the bible and completely ignore the "fathers of the faith" John 3:16 says... "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life." -- Jesus is the Son of God, why add to it than? -- and just completely ignore what Peter answered Jesus when he asked "who do you say that I am?" in Matthew 16:16-17 "And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. 17And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jonah: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father who is in heaven. "

That week I prayed and kept reading the bible even more than usual to complete be sure that what he was saying didn't make any sense, not to my boys and not to the foundation already set in the scriptures. The following sunday he continue his John study... He didnt get very far the first sunday, If I remember correctly he only read the first 3 verses of Johh 1 and than did his whole sermon on that "Jesus is God" was mentioned countless times without a single verse for backup. This second sunday another few verses where read and the story of "God coming in the flesh" grew deeper. My feeling grew worse... and it is not a physical feeling, it is a spiritual one. I could have walked out, I could almost not bare it, but I didn't I sat there and nodded my head and looked around to see if anyone else perhaps felt the same. Everyone looked content with what he said except a man sitting next to me who really looked like I was feeling. After church I walked to talk to him but got distracted by my little one and did not get to talk to him. The next sunday when I talked to him, and I asked him what troubled him, he didn't remember...

By this 3rd Sunday I had started the study of scripture relating to who Christ is, that is now finished and is linked to below. Every  time I read the bible and the revelation of Christ was mentioned I wrote it down. I was actually feeling the spirit move in me to actually say something this sunday, but that sunday something weird happened. The pastor performed the whole church service backwards, and how I had planned to peacefully and respectfully speak of what I felt was thrown out the window. The space in time I was waiting for never came, it was as if the service was performed in such a manner as to not allow me to speak. It was crazy. No worship in the beginning, no prayer, no announcement but straight into the sermon. He actually said that God told him to do it this way after he got out of the shower while in the bathroom shaving or something. Hmmm I wonder, yeah cause that is exactly where I hear God most often, in front of the mirror half naked. Not.

In any case, that dark spiritual feeling trying to get in me was stronger than ever. I could almost throw up and my heart was racing, so I bowed my head and prayed. The peace of God came over me as I rebuked whatever was there Jesus's name. And as I rebuked it, I realized what had just happened. It was a spirit of anti christ trying to get in... and afterwards I remember him saying.. "Don't be alarmed, that feeling you are feeling is the holy spirit, let it in..." I was like what! What did you just say... Let it in? Well I guess they all did... But those 3 sundays I was fighting it and praying that it not be in me or my wife or my children. After this sunday I could see clearly what I had just happened.

(to be continued...)

To see exactly what the truth is and what the revelation behind this trinity doctrine is click the following link for a study: