Wednesday, September 22, 2010

World-wide Holy Spirit outpour Dream (night of sept. 21, 2010)

World-Wide Holy Spirit Outpouring
Samuel Paguaga - night of 9/21/10  

I think this dream tops all my spirituals dreams in its intensity and revelation... I was in a small gathering of sorts, talking than praying... A bit more had happened before that, but I think the point of this event is that none of what had happened before this mattered. All of the sudden, it was like when you stepped out of your home straight into the sun at noon, I was overwhelmed with light/energy, not as much as to blind the eyes but more of a light/energy that penetrated to every cell and fiber of my body. I felt I no longer was physical or fleshly but a new being. As I looked straight forward in front of me, the physical world began to fade... but not because it was disappearing but because I began to perceive it in a new way, with new senses, everything became almost transparent.
I looked up and as I did I began to talk words in a new language, I was confessing something. Although I could not understand the words, I could feel them in my being, the words were energizing and vibrating my being, my frequency, my entity, my spirit. It was like as if all of me became one; my spirit with my mind and my body. As I began to speak, my perception of my surroundings grew.  I could feel, perceive and see all those around me who were experiencing the same thing. First the 2 people beside me then outwardly the people in the place, then the whole block, then the city and then whole earth. We disciples of Christ were all one, and not because we perceived each other but because we were confessing/uttering the same words, and because the same flow of energy/power/Holy Spirit was flowing through us. Although there was a world wide outpouring only the vessels of glory, the vessels of light, were filled to the seal.

I could feel the power/energy flowing through me, vibrating every part of my being, as I spoke the words the feeling became more and more intense, so much that I could not even begin to describe. I saw everything as white, yellowish, orange lights, as if everything was transparent. I felt one with the source, at one with the words, and as one with everyone confessing these words. All these feelings of oneness at 3 distinct levels. All of this along with a feeling of peace, it was as if this was a new nature and I knew what it was.  As I experienced the whole thing even to when I awoke, It seemed like I knew what was happening. I knew what the source was, what the energy/power was, and the meaning of the words... I woke up shortly after possibly on the last word spoken although in the dream it seemed like from that point on things would not be the same. As I awoke I could almost feel the vibration of energy in my being as it dispersed into normality of my awakened state.
I always wondered... what does it mean to be one with God, and His Christ and His Spirit and now I know.

Code Word: Receive

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Republic of the United States of America

Once upon a time there was a Republic that "In God we Trusted"... Slowly it was turned into a Democracy where "in congress we trust." God has been taken out of all, of us, of businesses, schools and even churches, where even their speech is limited. We have given up all our freedoms. We have ceased to be good, we have been dumbed down, we have been made ignorant, and we have no hope but for God himself to deliver us.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

world becomes amiss

In a day the world becomes amiss, shaken and drowned by the fury of the deep.
A day of sorrow, a day to weep, but the living still do sleep.
Awake, awake from your deep slumber.
Awake, awake, here comes the stumbler.
The time now is to feed your hunger,
the time now is to quench your thirst.
Come unto me says God almighty,
come unto me, for I am first.