Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The thorny vine that is no more

The thorny vine that is no more

Oh thou thorny vine in my garden...
Thou has wrapped your thorny branches in my tree,
to make it's tender fruits unreachable.
Thou has sorounded the shade of the tall tree
and made its shadow and rest be far from me.

Thou has grown out tall and said:
"I have no master.
I stand tall and proud and no bare hand can uproot me!
Although many have tried, I have remained.
I have kept you from goodness and goodness from you!"
Behold, I have made the fruit and shade altogether useless.

But I walked through the garden to clean and subdue it
and you stretched out your deadly arm to entangle me
and lo you did and so I was bruised and you said to yourself
"Look, see, I have bruised you, leave me alone to grow."
and you grew prideful in your heart over the night.

But lo, I went home, and slept and and rested and the next morning I returned
and though your thorns were many and long and deadly and sharp
the sword in my hand was sharper
and strength was given me to cut you and tear you to pieces
all of the day I toiled and fought
and you were uprooted from the stump of your roots
and you were utterly destroyed and not a trace of you did remain
and you were gathered in bundles to be prepared for the fire
that you would not grow again and no trace of you shall be left

and lo the ground is now free from your thorns
and the garden from your deadly trap
and the shade of the tree is come again
and the fruits are become reachable
and now oh thorny vine, you are no more
and the bruise of your thorns shall be remembered no more

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